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icecubewas born in 2009, but the company behind the brand has been a leader in the sunglass industry for over 40 years. After manufacturing for countries around the world, we thought it was about time that Asia had its own sunglass brand.
icecubeprotects our wearers from the sun’s damaging UV rays and will keep you cool in the heat of the day. Not only will your eyes stay fresh, but eyewear also provides superior glare reduction as you enjoy outdoor activities.
icecubePure and Cool.icecubesunglasses have been designed and manufactured by Asians for Asians, a brand purely for you. Our sunglasses have been designed from bridge to tip with Asian features in mind, shaped and sized to fit your face. There is no needto wear ill-fitting, uncomfortable sunglasses ever again. Instead, be the epitome of cool in your icecubeframes.
icecubecurrently features eight styles in three categories to meet your needs:
 Lightweight performance sunglasses: TRIDENT, TRACER ... [more]
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